LED Lighting for Industry

Marl have been providing creative, cost effective LED solutions for over 40 years and, by amalgamating its expertise from all fields, can offer a complete package to meet the increasing demand for innovative electronic and solid state lighting products.

LED lighting is more than just a replacement for traditional light sources. Not only is it more energy efficient, virtually maintenance-free, much longer lasting, and great for meeting your carbon reduction goals: it is also a professional solution for lighting designers, offering an infinite combination of colors for imaginative interior and exterior lighting, including finely controlled color changing effects.

With the recent addition of amazing new lighting panels, general room lighting is now achievable purely with LED technology - an application that until very recently has only been practical and effective with assistance from traditional light sources. Of course, the same fine control applies, with options for variable color temperatures: from cool, crisp whites that are great for task lighting, to warm, relaxing whites that work well in relaxed areas and in the home.

Marl's extensive resources and experience allow us to support you throughout your lighting project, from initial concept through to completion.

Marl offers you a combination of innovative technology, aesthetic appeal and manufacturing excellence that opens up opportunities to create stunning interior and exterior lighting.

Lighting and Indicators for Defense Systems

The defense applications of our lighting systems include:

  • Portable communications
  • Control panel indication
  • Below decks lighting
  • Simulator indication
  • Portable cabinet lighting
  • Marine standard panel indication

LED Lighting Systems

Marl's standard product portfolio includes:

  • Secure PCB mounting LEDs
  • Direct filament bulb replacement.
  • Sealed panel indication (IP67 and IP68)
  • Linear LED lighting solutions
  • LED color changing excellence
  • LED flood lighting
  • LED perimeter and security lighting
  • Flat panel ceiling lighting

High-Intensity LED Lighting Systems

Our LED product options include:

  • High intensity LEDs: red, yellow, green, blue, white and warm white
  • EMC and NVG indication
  • Harsh environmental operation
  • Sunlight readable indication
  • 5 to 25.4mm ( 3/16" to 1") mounting sealed panel indicators
  • High optical performance.
  • MTBF 100,000 hours (11½ years)
  • Internal encapsulation
  • High vibration applications
  • Voltage ranges up to 240Vac
  • Bi-polar terminations
  • Lightweight sealed panel indication
  • Wide operating / storage temperature ranges
  • Burn-in options
  • All products are RoHS approved